For decades, VPG Force Sensors has been the leader in precision measurement solutions for the construction industry. With our unique safety innovations, commitment to reliability, and industry-leading expertise, we ensure your heavy lifting equipment meets the highest international standards for safety and stability, including EN15000 and EN280.

Safe. Reliable. Assured.

The world's continuing population growth impacts the construction market with increasing demand for infrastructure, housing and public amenities. VPG Force Sensors helps by empowering our customers to ensure their construction equipment operates safely, efficiently and reliably.

Our redundant safety mechanisms, unique ability to measure multiple forces with the same sensor, and multi-layered protection for harsh environments take safety to a new level. Our outstanding measurement precision and commitment to reliability provide you with enhanced assurance for long-lasting, efficient operation.

Our expertise meets your needs.

When it comes to specialist knowledge and global experience in load measurement and overload monitoring for construction equipment, VPG Force Sensors stands alone. Our large installed base is a testament to our continuing commitment to successfully solving each and every challenge with the right standard or custom solution, compliant with the relevant regulations.

Our solutions meet IP standards for liquid immersion, including IP68, and we'll ensure that your unique solution meets international and EN standards (EN15000, EN280 and SOLAS) and Can Open, J1939, 05V, 010V and 4-20mA standards. 

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Challenge: Ensure cable tension does not exceed its operation limit due to overloading.
Solution: Overloading can cause a cable to snap, resulting in downtime and possible injuries or fatalities. VPG Force Sensors designed a safety system that would prevent the operator from lifting a load beyond the safety limit.

Challenge: Design a reliable, foolproof overload monitoring system that accounts for complex tower crane arm extensions and lifting load combinations.
Solution: VPG Force Sensors fitted load sensors to the tower crane cable assembly, ensuring no overloading conditions occur.

Challenge: Crane stability.
Solution: VPG Force Sensors designed a system to alert an operator and prevent crane operation when a crane's load distribution exceeded its ability to perform safely. The solution incorporated force sensors in the complex boom system to measure bending and twisting force, and in the telescopic stabilizer to measure crane load distribution.

Challenge: Safety and load monitoring  to prevent catastrophic capsizing or overturning in  construction machines, such as telehandlers, aerial work platforms (AWPs), scissor lifts and trucks.
Solution: VPG Force Sensors sensors are installed underneath the AWP basket, which will automatically retract its arm in the event of an overload condition. This critial safety feature prevents machines from capsizing or overturning.