VPG Force Sensors has been providing standard and custom weighing and force measurement solutions for decades. With our extensive experience in strain-gage based load cells force sensor solutions, and proven design capabilities, our customers trust us to deliver uncompromising precision, quality and service, delivering high ROI and helping improve efficiency.

Engineered to move you.

The escalator and elevator lift have come a long way since the first recorded hoist system in 236 BC Greece. Today, these are part of our daily life in this modern world. The heart of any reliable and efficient people-mover system lies in its sensor. VPG Force Sensors keep things moving along safely, with our reliable and robust load cells, reducing undue stress that can cause premature failures, which may result in injury and even fatality.


We understand because we listen.

As a leading load cell and force sensor manufacturer, we are committed to providing the best products and solutions to the market. Our products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility and comply with many international standards. We have the right profile and decades of experience to be your one-stop resource, and can design a custom solution that will meet your special application needs.  

Challenge: Traction and compression control for elevators and cranes
Solution: Because of our extensive knowledge and expertise in designing a unique sensor for every application, VPG Force Sensors has the ability to address the unique requirements for an application like the dead end hitch or traction cable terminals on elevators and cranes. Our OEM custom solution team is always ready to exchange knowledge and work towards the best solution for our customers. 

Challenge: Load measurement in elevator lifts
Solution: VPG Force Sensors provided a robust load cell construction that is installed under the elevator's car. The four sensors precisely measure load with and without motion within the car, and maintain repeatable results at all times.