VPG Force Sensors leads in providing advanced strain gage-based load cells and custom solutions for food and beverage production and filling systems. Our highly precise and reliable sensors support today's automated production lines, supporting food producers’ aims for higher yields, less waste and greater throughput.

Understanding your challenges.

The world population is projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. The food industry faces a challenge to feed this hungry world and must increase its yields through more efficient machines and processes. VPG Force Sensors is committed to keep up with food industry innovations. We're ready to use our knowledge and expertise to provide standard and custom sensors like load cells, to ensure operations are safely running with reduced downtime, and reduced waste.

Your challenge. Our solution.

VPG Force Sensors has a long and successful history of providing load cells and force sensors to the food industry. This experience allows us to understand the industry's stringent requirements and processes. Our product and services include SS materials and certification (backed by international bodies) for our load cells, plus we have the knowledge and expertise to design an innovative solution that meets your special, unique requirement.

Challenge: Large scale production with minimal waste, high hygiene and adherence to food safety regulations
Solution: VPG Force Sensors' solution takes into account the requirements for highly accurate weighing with minimal manual interference, which results in a low cost of ownership. To suit any capacity of the tank or tank type, we offer a broad range of highly reliable stainless steel load cells with capacities up to hundreds of tons, as well as stainless steel mounting modules. 

Challenge: Accurate, robust check-weighers
Solution: Check-weighers are automatic machines designed to facilitate accurate and time-bound "check by weight" on different types of product within a moving process. High precision is required to determine if a production flow is accepted or rejected. VPG Force Sensors load cells are used in the check-weigher application because they are rugged, accurate and able to withstand the rigors of high-speed loading.