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Introducing VPG Force Sensors – New name and brand of VPG Transducers.

Introducing VPG Force Sensors

What’s in a name?

VPG Transducers becomes VPG Force Sensors


For decades, VPG Transducers and its subsidiary brands have been known for highly accurate and reliable weighing and force sensing solutions. Our product portfolio spans the widest range of load cells, transducers and solutions for everything from commodity weighing to specialist OEM applications.

Recognizing that our small sensors have a huge impact, we decided it’s time for a new name and brand that better reflect the strength and potential we bring to our customers. From today, we are VPG Force Sensors.

Our new name provides an umbrella brand for all our well-known product brands – Tedea-Huntleigh, Revere, Sensortronics and Celtrom. We will continue selling all products under the relevant names, as part of the VPG Force Sensors brand family.


Enabling tomorrow’s innovations

With our new name, we’ve got a new tagline that encapsulates how we partner with our customers to bring advanced solutions to the world’s challenges – we’re enabling tomorrow’s innovations.

Today’s world is challenged by unprecedented technological shifts, digital revolutions and new business models, all happening at a time of escalating environmental, social and demographic pressures. We understand that in this new reality, our customers need to use creativity and innovation, so they can be effective and efficient. They need new and better solutions that will help them in saving resources and minimizing environmental footprint.

As a true partner to our customers, we are driven to enable them to meet their goals for efficiency and excellence, helping them address global and local challenges across their varied fields. As our tagline says, our small sensors are a huge force in enabling our customers’ innovations.


Welcome to the journey

We’re excited to rollout our new brand to the world. And even more excited to be building on our legacy to bring new solutions and opportunities to our customers. Welcome to the new world of VPG Force Sensors.


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