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Our new online shop is open for business

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VPG Force Sensors online shop

Our new online shop is open for business 

VPG Force Sensors’ high-quality load cells can now be purchased online in the US, with delivery within days

As a leader in the weighing category, VPG Force Sensors is expanding its marketing platform to include online sales, direct to machine developers. We recently launched our first online shop,, making our top-quality load cells available for immediate purchase and fast delivery, direct from the manufacturer. Currently the online store is accessible only to buyers in the United States, and delivery is available only within the US.

With our online shop, customers in the US can source cutting-edge load cell technology directly from VPG Force Sensors. When working with tight deadlines, the ability to buy and get fast delivery of small quantities of load cells without compromising on quality or performance can be a major plus.

Easy shopping, with expert advice when needed

The user-friendly shop gives customers direct access to VPG's best-selling products, offering popular load cell models that are compatible with various interfaces, protocols, and data communication standards to ensure seamless integration.

Visitors to our online shop can search by model name or by key parameters a fast way to find load cells that align with the specific requirements of the weighing systems they are working on. They can filter their search by load cell type, load capacity, cable length, accuracy/class code, environmental rating, material, rated output, and other attributes.

The online shop provides convenient access to product data sheets and other documentation. It also offers the option to get help from a VPG Force Sensors expert, to answer technical questions and provide guidance on installation, configuration and other topics.

Top quality – From the US, for the US

All products ship from our U.S. warehouse, are supported by our U.S.-based team, and can be delivered to anywhere in the United States. Although the online shop is currently only available for U.S. customers, we plan to open it to customers in additional countries in the near future.

All products sold through the online shop come with a full 24-month warranty, with special limited-time promotions on select items, providing the best balance of performance, reliability, and cost.

Veteran supplier

VPG Force Sensors has over 60 years of experience in working closely with channel partners and leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), offering them a vast range of off-the-shelf load cells, force sensors and accessories. We also lead in providing unmatched expertise in the design and development of custom measurement solutions.

Now, with our new online shop, we’re bringing that expertise to a wider range of customers, including startups, small and mid-sized companies, academics, and independent researchers. The online shop also offers dealers and integrators a faster way to get small quantities of our standard load cells.

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