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For more than five decades, VPG Force Sensors has earned a global reputation for our ability to successfully address your unique challenges with innovative and practical specialized weighing and force measurement solutions. Whether you need to meet an EN safety standard, or have a specific business protocol challenge, or work in a harsh environment, our OEM sales and design team is eager to work with you. from conception to final design. 

Pioneering innovation

Advancing technology is a critical way to address many of today's challenges. We listen to your unique challenges to understand your goals. Our comprehensive R&D and production facilities provide you with a single, reliable resource, so we can partner with you from start to finish to deliver your custom solution. 

Lifetime Partnership

Although we offer a broad line of precision sensors for industrial and commercial use, a custom solution may be the answer for your unique challenge. Our OEM team's exceptional expertise and service ensure that your solution meets your needs and complies with standards such as EN15000, EN2080, SOLAS, LiftCAN, Can Open, J1939, etc.

Typical markets for strain gage-based force and load sensor solutions are: medical devices, such as integrated weighing systems in hospital beds and precise medication dosing; agricultural equipment, such as tractor load pins and sensors, for precision force measurement; and construction machinery, such as vehicle stability systems that ensure operator safety and avoidance of tipping and overload situations. These sensors use Vishay Precision Group's foil technology products, which serve as sensing elements and components within each unit.

Challenge: Continuous monitoring of actual volume and weight of grain harvested, to calculate the yield per unit area
Solution: VPG Force Sensors combined the signal from a GPS receiver, a moisture analyzer and our Grain Flow sensor. During the harvest process, the grain that is transported by a continuous belt is "thrown" against the plate at the top of the grain lifter. Sensors mounted behind the plate pick up the  the force, which contributes to the volume and weight of the grain. Together, with the GPS onboard the harverster, the readings are combined to calculate the yield return. This data optimizes the amount of fertilizer required for planting. 

Challenge: Design a load cell / force sensor solution for a patient hoist system that adapts to any patient position, need, attachment or therapy, and maintains stability and safety
Solution: In this application, the load cell and force sensor is not always in the same horizontal/vertical orientation, and the direction of force is not always directly in line with the normal calibrated line of force.
VPG Force Sensors successfully designed a custom load cell that incorporates a "tilt sensor". The tilt sensor transmits an additional signal that communicates the angle of deviation from the normal axis. The sensor is mounted on the top surface of the load cell, with an amplifier that combines both signals and provides an RS485 output.

Challenge: Comply with the EN15000:2008 standard to ensure the telescopic handler's operator is safe during a load condition, and ensure deployment of countermeasures if safety is compromised
Solution: VPG Force Sensors manufactures a range of EN15000-compliant extensometers that are designed to be bolted to the main vehicular structure of the telescopic handler. If the sensor detects a possible vehicle overturn condition, the sensor sends a signal to the control unit to retract  the equipment's boom. A redundant output in the sensor is included as a backup safety measure, and ensures constant feedback to the control unit. Our model 182 is designed for low strain situations and features dual CANBUS output with a J1939 protocol, enabling attainment of a much higher sensitivity. The overall design is flexible, and includes the ability to combine the extensometer with an in-cabin indicator, the LMI. This features provides additional features: audible and visual warnings, automatic shutdown and RS232 PC connectivity for settings and diagnostics.

Challenge: Accurately cut through soil by automating amount of force required to control depth
Solution: Automation innovation and precision are crucial elements to achieve higher yields and minimize waste. VPG Force Sensors has partnered with manufacturers to develop new and advanced sensing technology that's incorporated into today's sophisticated tractors. The model 5113/5117 standard draft pins are an example. These pins are available in different capacities up to 60 kN, with a safe overload capability up to 250 kN of force. This solution is complete, with options and customization possibilities to adapt to any control system.