You work to build the safest equipment, we empower you to create a safe environment.

You help patients recover. We collect data for accurate results.

You bring flexibility to processes. We supply precise weighing.

You power production to feed a hungry world. We help with precise measurement.

You know us as VPG Transducers, and now we’re excited to reintroduce ourselves as VPG Force Sensors.

Stay updated with the wide world of force sensors.

You boost e-bike performance. We improve efficiency and feedback

EDOC - Electrodeposited Organic Coating for load cells. The best anti-corrosion protection in the toughest conditions.

Performance. Precision. Expertise

VPG Force Sensors provides the performance, precision and expertise that only one of the largest load cell and transducer manufacturer worldwide can deliver. Tedea-Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Revere and Celtron – brands recognized as high-quality suppliers of weighing and force measurement products for decades – are united under VPG Force Sensors to bring demanding customers a wide range of solutions and dedication to uncompromising quality.

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Our unique EDOC corrosion-proof coating for load cells, provides long-lasting anti-corrosion protection for load cells. Here’s the story behind the innovation and how it’s been proven for 15 years.
What’s in a name? VPG Transducers becomes VPG Force Sensors   For decades, VPG Transducers and its subsidiary brands have been known for highly accurate and reliable weighing and force sensing…